Monday, January 21, 2013

Inauguration, Inschmauguration, How About the March For Life?

Forget all the media hype over today's incredible waste of taxpayer's money. The real event this week in Washington D.C. is the March for Life scheduled for this Friday. I don't expect much of a media frenzy over the march, but what else is new? The Daily Kos has labelled the marchers as "pro-life terrorists," and tells anyone opposed to President Obama's agenda (which is pro-abortion) to "suck it."

Don't look for the annoited one to suck it up and make an appearance at the March for Life.

Per Drudge: In the USA, there will be over 3500 killed today from abortion.
No flags lowered.

No Presidents crying.

No media hyperventilating.

Just a normal day.

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