Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Love is in the Air in Ceuta

From the Washington Examiner came this,
A Muslim cleric in Ceuta (Spain’s autonomous city in North Africa) preached a two-hour sermon in which he explained the submissive role a woman should play in society, saying “she cannot wear perfume because if she uses it she becomes a fornicator.”
Now that wasn't all he said, and something he said landed it him in court. His words were considered to be “advocating gender violence” which I guess is against the law in Ceuta. Maybe it was because he said,
“A woman cannot show her face or bare hands, she cannot wear high heeled shoes, she cannot wear blue jeans, she must wear a scarf to cover her chest, she cannot pluck her eyebrows and she cannot wear perfume because if she uses it she becomes a fornicator,” Benaisa said during his sermon. “A woman must keep her head down because a jealous husband can cause problems with other men. A woman should be in total submission to her husband. She has an obligation to wear the veil.”
I would think a little perfume might be a good idea for some residents of North Africa. I wonder how he feels about the use of deodorant?

Or bathing?

Can I interest anyone in a pair of nose plugs? 

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