Thursday, June 29, 2006

Episcopal Church should Stop the Presses

Click on the words above to see how we are being portrayed in the press.

It seems like the press is doing a vulture's watch over anything Anglican. Today you can surf the web and it sounds like the vultures are already picking at the bones of our carcass. I find it interesting that the so called Diocese of South Carolina (see what their leader had to say at ) is not properly defined. It makes it sound like the whole state is in rebellion again! The Boston Globe is painting the wrong picture of us. We are members of the Diocese of Upper South Carolina and our Bishop posted his thoughtful comments at

What did I say earlier about the War of Northern Aggression?

Fie on you Boston Globe.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Link to our message board

Thanks to our moderator, the message board will be open at this link. This Blog may be a useful backup.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Schism and the War of Northern Aggression

Will the Church split? It seems that some want to split, but I suspect the great "Silent Majority" wants to stay together. A person may not like the President, but very few leave the U.S. over political differences. Our great Southern states tried this a while ago with disastrous results. Years ago I read a short book entitled "If the South had Won the Civil War" (1961 Kantor, Mackinlay)
In this little book, the end result of the Confederate states conquering Washington DC and taking Lincoln prisoner was a period of alternative history during which America evolved to eventually do away with slavery and come back together. I read this back in '72 for a laugh, but I really enjoyed it.
What parallels can we find between the Church rent asunder and the War of Northern Aggression? I am with Lincoln on this one (preserve the union) except I would not go to war over the issue. Time will likely bring all together in some new balance. Issues of women and gays in the Church will just follow the splitters wherever they go, and if we all focus on Truth, we will come together eventually.

Monday, June 19, 2006

The new Presiding Bishop and the Sunday Sermon

Fr. Dunbar did a good job this past week. We were made aware that news of a new Presiding Bishop would be forthcoming. Fr. Dunbar indicated the need for leadership to come to the forefront. Once again, our unique American Church knows how to make headlines with its selection of Katharine Jefferts Schori. Bishop of Nevada? Isn't that where Las Vegas is located?
I the cathedral in Nevada at the Bellagio?