Saturday, December 02, 2006

christian Bloggers?

We were invited to link to this site. I still think we should be using a little "c" as we are all trying to be Christian, and none on earth can lay claim to a capital "C."


  1. With reference to Jake+, his letterhead mentions that he is eclectic and eccentric but fails to mention his penchant for apostasy. Having read his musings for some extended period of time, I've taken note of some of his positions which I find troubling:
    1) he has specifically rejected John 14:6 and has denied the unique divinity of Jesus
    2) he has questioned the validity and authority of Scripture specifically supporting +Bennison's contention that "we wrote the Bible...we can change it"
    3) he has supported positions and teachings that are not just revisionist or liberal but are the positions of those who have abandoned the Christian faith
    4) he supports homosexual marriage, which undercuts traditional marriage and is detrimental to the family unit as designed by God and revealed in Scripture
    5) further to #4 above, his consistent defense regarding homosexuality that "Jesus never mentions it" has grown tiresome. Are we to conclude that only those acts which Jesus specifically proscribes are to be considered sinful? I'd point out that Jesus never mentions wife beating, pedophilia or identity theft. Does that mean that they are OK?
    6) Jake+ supports Mrs. Schori in her statement that the Church's mission is social justice and world peace and not the Great Commission stated in Matthew 28.

    This may sound terribly dogmatic but, of necessity, everyone is dogmatic about issues of truth. It can't be otherwise. Any statement or claim is either true or false. If true, then those who contradict it are wrong by simple force of logic. Jake's+ statements are simply wrong.

  2. undergroundpewster8:37 PM

    You say he denies the unique divinty of Christ (Dualism?). I remember the question that asked if Jesus was all God or all human, and the wise man answered "Yes." Now, do you mean Jake implied there might be other saviours besides Jesus?

  3. Yes. And not just implied but stated as such. He supports Mrs. Schori's position (rejecting John 14:6) that Jesus is not the only way, the truth and the life. And the part about "no man cometh to the Father except through Me" makes them positively catatonic.