Friday, March 16, 2007

Presiding Bishop Schori Goes After South Carolina

Now let me get this straight. She votes for Bishop Robinson, and now she blocks the Rev. Mr. Mark Lawrence. And all we hear about in the news is how President Bush is in trouble for wanting his guys as Federal Attorneys. Seems to me that a congressional hearing will need to be called so we can read the P.B.'s e-mails to see her true nature.

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  1. The PB and others like her (Mark Sisk of New York comes immediately to mind) have repeatedly said that they felt they had to vote for VGR because he was the people's choice. Mark Lawrence is not only the people's choice but he is the overwhelming (76%) first ballot choice. So much for Vox Populi. Those people at 815 are absolute hypocrites. And they have the temerity to try and hide behind so-called "polity". Although electronic voting has been the accepted practice for some time now, suddenly the PB remembers that the canons don't specifically permit it. This action is a total disgrace and further adds to the scorn and lack of any credibility for ECUSA. Wonder if she relishes the idea of going down in history as the last PB of the Episcopal Church?