Sunday, December 16, 2007

He Who Has E-mail, Let Him Hear

Mary Cat delivered our sermon today and overall gets a good score. Her Advent message came in on time and stayed positive. I enjoyed her imaginary e-mail from Jesus, but it may have left a couple of the older members of the congregation puzzled. People who ask John's question of who is Jesus are still innumerable. The e-mail's answer is to go out there and spread the good news to those that have e-mail "ears." Mary Cat should probably not have mentioned the PB's Christmas message lest some untrained mind actually take the time to read it. "How might we begin to see that child in those around us: strangers and aliens (both Immanuel and Immigrants); wanderers (Homeless, like Mary and Joseph, for whom there was no room); widows and orphans (Social Outcasts)..." There we see that "homeless" line again. Of course Joseph and Mary had a home, they were just travelling in an age before Comfort Inns and the Salvation Army.

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