Sunday, February 03, 2008

You've Got a Friend in Me

Today we began having worship services in Lumpkin Hall as the Church sanctuary has been gutted. Wandering into the old sanctuary and looking at the exposed brick that lay behind the old paneling, I had to wonder, why not just leave the brick exposed? Now that would save some money, and be visually and architecturally interesting. Who needs insulation and new paneling anyway? All that wood will be a fire hazard, and any insulation will create an environmental health issue for future generations.
As we juggled prayer books, bulletins, and hymnals, it seems that we should provide a full printed program for visitors. By producing a limited number, printing costs would be reduced, and a program complete with handy explanations could be reproduced easily by some volunteers so that we would not have the rector troubled with this task.
How about the slow process of feeding the choirs the wafer and wine? It looked like a traffic jam up there. Changes will have to be made.
Today's sermon was delivered by Fr. Dunbar. He did a great job tying the lessons together, reminding us of the relationships between Jesus and his friends, and asking us to go into Lent remembering to follow Jesus' commands to follow Him, and to love one another. Did Bobby mean for us to sing to Jesus the Randy Newman song "You've Got a Friend in Me" for the next 40 days?


  1. Actually, I thought Fr. Dunbar was directing us to that old tent-revival hymn "What a Friend we have in Jesus" (which, inexplicably, failed to be included in the 1982 book).

  2. He referenced the old Hymn, but asked for us to switch it around, for Jesus to have a friend in us, I think Bobby meant that
    we should follow Jesus to the cross.

  3. Oh--OK. Acoustics aren't great in the hall so I must have missed something. And any attempt at amplification would be a disaster.