Sunday, March 02, 2008

Blind Men Walking

After all the commotion of the past week, it was good to get back to basics today at ECOOS. Charlie delivered a good sermon on the healing gospel focusing initially at the humorous parts where the formerly blind guy argues with the pharisees. The sermon could have been a little shorter, and I wondered about the reference to tossing out the "antisemitic" tone of John's Gospel. When we are made uncomfortable with a Biblical text, maybe we are the proverbial "Dum Dums" who need some explanation and perhaps more study rather than tossing out the parts we don't like. Sometimes we learn more from looking inward for the causes of our discomfort. The commotion of the past week with the departure of the Stringer family, a family that has devoted much time, talent, and treasure to our youth program makes me uncomfortable. Let us not be blind to what is happening around us, and simply toss this off, but use this as an opportunity for discernment.


  1. Comment 1 - Does your title reference the sermon or members of COOS?

    Comment 2 - Church memberships are never stagnant – they constantly change. Every church has money problems. Every church has people who are constantly unhappy, who carry the brunt of the volunteer work, hate the priest, love the priest, etc. In that light - church membership is like a really high quality pair of shoes. Once you get them broken in and are comfortable wearing them – with care and proper maintenance they will last a lifetime. However, no matter how much time, talent or treasure you put in, not every style of shoe is right for everyone – those who get blisters should shop for another pair. The Stringers are shopping for a new pair of shoes and we all hope they find the style that suits them the best. However, it is time for this blog to move on.

    Comment 3 - When will you be posting something positive?

  2. In reviewing the blog we run across a mixture of good and bad. Methinks ye hast thine blinders on.
    Try the following:

  3. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Comment One -- somebody would like you to be quiet, Underground Pewster! ; > )

    Comment Two -- RE: "However, no matter how much time, talent or treasure you put in, not every style of shoe is right for everyone – those who get blisters should shop for another pair."

    My my -- that could apply to a) senior wardens, b) rectors, c) youth ministers, d) any number of other folks rather than unhappy parishioners.

    How odd that the response to unhappy parishioners is not "let's fix the problem" but "leave".

    Comment Three -- Underground, when they tell you to "move on" it means you're over the target. I imagine the pressure for you to "be quiet" will intensify the more anxious others become. I hope that you're prepared for that.

  4. Comment 1. Welcome Cradle to Grave. The title is ambiguous, each will see the meaning in from their own viewpoint, you see two meanings, are there more?

    Comment 2. Dr. Scholl's made a fortune producing inserts for those blistered feet, and helped millions keep their shoes. Don't toss out the blistered feet because the shoe does not fit.

    Comment 3. I answered earlier. Perhaps I am negative at times. Sometimes everyone gets upset and has to turn over some tables.

  5. I trust the Pewster will be able to withstand the heat better than the vestry who picked up their marbles and went home at the first hint of controversy. The parish blog was a good idea as long as everyone was singing the same song.

    (OK--marbles and singing in the same posting---metaphor alert)

  6. What heat? A recent cold wave killed 1100 in this part of Afghanistan.