Sunday, June 22, 2008

Silence Men!

The Pewster is on vacation this week and asked for me to assume command. I am allowed on board by this special invitation, and will try to keep things ship shape.

I was asked to comment on the bulletin insert. I did a test, or more a trial by ordeal. As you can see,

it floats!

In the witch trials, since witches are made of wood, they would float and survive a trial by immersion. The righteous would sink and drown (but they end up in heaven and are therefore better off). Judging from the picture, one must presume that the bulletin insert is a witch. For this reason, I advise you to burn the bulletin insert and preserve your immortal soul.

I was asked to comment on the service at ECOOS today. The pewster's fearless spies have provided me with the scuttlebutt. The Rev. George Markis House was the guest preacher today. All hands report an excellent scripturally based sermon focusing on the theme of the journey through the wilderness, starting with the 40 years of the Hebrews and jumping forward to John the Baptist, and then to Jesus and the temptations of the 40 days and 40 nights. The Rev. House made parallels between the temptations of scripture and the temptations of modern life. He seemed to make the point that when we come out of the wilderness, we will find ourselves stronger for the experience, but all the more "leaning on God" than when we had entered the wild.

As we sail along into the wilderness of the future on this ship of fools,

that we call the Episcopal Church, let us follow the Rev. House's advice that we silence the noise in our lives so that we might hear the voice of the Lord.

Okay, your moment of silence is over. The pewster sent me this video as it fits my theme. How are you going to navigate through the troubled waters ahead in your Church? I suggest you look for calm seas, a tall ship, and a good captain to help you on this voyage through the wilderness. Don't fall in with the wrong crew like these fellows,

Looks like a ship we ought to steer clear of. Ah, men!


  1. The Curmudgeon sinks the bulletin insert here.

  2. Thank you for tending the blog, and I really like the paper boat, and how you integrated the video clip. I promise to visit your site more often, and what about that Fourth of July piece you were working on?

  3. Anonymous4:30 PM

    In webster's dictionary a synonym for Heretic is a Nonconformist. It also defines Blaspheme as - to speak of or address with irreverence. Lets read the first paragraph of this post with the definition and synonym in mind.

  4. Would you therefore prefer to put Wallace to the torch?

  5. Anon, by your definition I think I have been blasphemed. I am flattered as well. Good thing I did not make a paper boat out of a page from the Qu'ran.
    Not all Nonconformists are Heretics.
    Isn't the Episcopal Church supposed to be a safe harbor for Nonconformists?