Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Madonna and Child

Throughout the ages the subject has been irresistible.

Well, almost irresistible.


  1. Thanks for visiting, Robert.

    The images were presented with a minimum of text because they caused me to reflect and I thought others might be affected as well.

    Lacking any significant contributions from the www, I will give some personal impressions.

    The hoopla around Gov. Palin's daughter being with child has been a matter of media interest. The photos of her with holding her brother were so reminiscent of the classical Madonna and Child images that I could not help but wonder how our Blessed Mary and all the other Madonnas in the past were treated by the people of the day. Talked about, scorned, subjects of gossip perhaps, but in the end you are left with the irresistible image of mother and child.
    Contrast these images with the modern day singer, Madonna and her well publicized if not openly praised single motherhood which to me is a resistible image of where modern culture is headed.

  2. Julian Smith III9:44 PM

    Um--as the parent of a single mother, I take a bit of umbrage at your bigotry. Grow up, dude.