Wednesday, March 04, 2009

We Pledge for This?

Ever since we had our own taste of the Divine Feminine, my ears perk up when I hear references to the subject. I once was blind, but now I see...

Do you ever wonder where those dollars sent to the National Church go? I mean besides the RCRC, attorneys fees and court costs. Well it goes to all kinds of kinky stuff. Things like this bizarre event held Feb 13-14, 2009 at the National Cathedral.

From the Institue on Religion and Democracy we read this report,

“A Lakota medicine woman officially opened the conference by offering up a bowl of smoldering tobacco and directing the participants to face the four directions while she went through a ritual to “invite the spirits:”

“To the sacred guardians of the East,” the leader said, “all the medicine that comes from the East, we welcome you. Acupuncture, Tibetan medicine.”

“To the sacred guardians of the South,”—the place of the physical body, innocence, and warriors, “we ask for laughter, healing, joy.”

“To the sacred guardians of the West”—the place of great mystery, the vision quest, and death, “The place of finding your own divinity.”

“To the sacred guardians of the North”—the Earth element, whom she called to “gather spirit and wisdom,” and regarded as the place of transformation, change, and the “White Buffalo Woman.”

“Come spirit of many names, come” the medicine woman concluded.

and this,

"Elizabeth Lesser, co-founder of Omega Institute and guru to Oprah Winfrey, spoke about the importance of emotional and spiritual intelligences…
Lesser recalled the pagan history of what is now St. Valentine’s Day, at which time the Romans honored Lupa, the she-wolf who suckled Rome’s mythical founders, Romulus and Remus, and Juno, queen of the Greco-Roman pantheon. Said Lesser, 'I think it’s time for us women to take back Valentine’s Day,' to 'take it back for Lupa the she-wolf and Juno the fertile goddess, and Valentine.'”

It starts getting a bit obscene, so read no further if you are easily offended.

"Unfortunately, Lesser lamented, women 'suffer from this desire for someone to come and save the day.' Women need to realize, she insisted, 'No handsome prince is going to wake us up. We’re going to have to kiss ourselves; we have to rouse ourselves.'”

I hate to flash you the sacred circle logo...

Do we pay for this stuff? Yes we do.

. . . The Episcopal Office of Women’s Ministries underwrote all of the scholarships to attend “Sacred Circles,” and a paid staffer of the cathedral served as the convener of the event.

I can't wait to see the brochure for the men's conference. I even have some suggestions for the location and the logo. We could have the meeting right here in Rock Hill at a certain restaurant just off I-77 and Hwy 161. Call it "Sacred Chicken Wings." It would be a hoot!



  1. Notwithstanding than the current economic situation, have you ever wondered if there are other causes for the decline in attendance and giving?

  2. I think most Episcopalians are totally unaware of the paganism being supported by their monies.

    The net effect of practices like those performed in our National Cathedral is a weakening of the good news of salvation through Christ Jesus.

    The blame finger has been cast all around, but as usual, one finger points at others while three fingers point back at us.

  3. Diane (edited)3:55 PM

    This is "bizarre" to you? Well, I suppose I have to allow for the viewpoint of the second-most populous human gender on the planet.

    You lack imagination. Put yourself in the position of a little girl wondering why boys got to do all the fun stuff, and why the male point of view was the only one represented.

    I'm not as radical as the French feminists, who would dearly love to find a way to continue the species without the bother of dealing with males. I like the two-gender system, myself. But I have never seen why the boys got to do all the fun stuff and have the final say.