Thursday, August 27, 2009

Please Pray for the Bishop of Faisalabad

From Religious Intelligence George Conger reports:

"The First Information Reports or FIRs were filed this week by the Punjabi police against the Rt. Rev. John Samuel, the Church of Pakistan’s Bishop of Faisalabad and 28 other Christians, in retaliation for complaints of police incompetence in the wake of the attacks on Christians in the town of Gojra that left ten dead and destroyed three churches and over 100 homes.

FIRs have also been registered against 100 unnamed Pakistani Christians charging them as co-conspirators in the attacks."

A man who understands persecution, the Bishop...
"...would remain in the town and was ready to be 'prosecuted for the glory and for the work of Jesus Christ.'

'I daily receive threats through phone calls from unknown numbers,' he said, and reported this to the police. However, the police are 'not paying attention to us and they are just favouring the persons who are responsible' for the attacks.

Bishop Samuel has urged Christians around the world to 'please pray for us and also do something for my family because we are in great trouble.'"

Prayer ascending for the Bishop and Christians of Pakistan.

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