Sunday, October 25, 2009

Le Serment Pour Dimanche. 25 Octobre

Today at ECOOS we hosted Fr. Fritz LaFontant along with daughter Marie Flore Chipps and Bossuet Sainvilus all from Haiti. Fr. LaFontnat delivered the sermon in French which was translated as he proceeded to discuss the Gospel story of the healing of Bartimaeus, the blind man outside of Jericho. (Mark 10:46-52)

It was fun to listen to the Gospel in French although that could distract people from Fr. LaFontant's method. He stayed within the confines of the message of the lesson and did not wander. We heard of faith and of Jesus' power. A rare treat for us.

In speaking with him, he and his group are always eager to invite people to come to Cange and learn more about their mission and find out where they can contribute. Currently they are working to upgrade their water supply and sanitation, but there are countless other needs there and in the surrounding villages.

Visit Partners in Health for information on this and other opportunities.

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  1. Listening to missionaries' stories always leaves me feeling horribly, spiritually inadequate. I keep picturing Christ standing next to me listening, as well, then turning to me and asking, "What's your excuse?"