Sunday, November 29, 2009

Crape Murders in the Rue Garth

Were there any witnesses?

Where were you the week of Nov. 8, 2009?

Did anyone notice the disfigurement?

Alas, one consequence of the departure of the parish master gardener was the demise of the flower bearing tops of the crape myrtles in our once lovely garth garden. The trees' sole defender against the wrath of the rector was not present to plead their case in front of the Buildings and Grounds committee. In fact, the committee was not informed of the case, and the beheadings took place in the absence of due process.

This was clearly a premeditated case of CRAPE MURDER!

Inspector Pewseau of the Sûreté has been called in, and is questioning suspects in his usual bungling style. It is unlikely that he will solve this most challenging case.

The perpetrator will probably have to be exposed by an inspired amateur. Do we have a C. Auguste Dupew amongst us?

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