Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Behold the Caveman

A couple of things came together in the past couple of weeks. For one thing, there was the report of Neanderthal DNA mixed into our melting pot. Scooper gave his take on that over at the Virtual Church of the Blind Chihuahua.

Northern Plains Anglicans culled this quote from Gregory the Great and I just had to find a cartoon to fit,
"...let us turn the back of our minds on this corruption of temporal life, let us turn the faces of our hearts to the freedom of the Heavenly Kingdom. But behold, there are still many things that oppress us from the care of corruptible life. Therefore because we cannot depart perfectly, at least let us stand in the door of our cave, ready to leave at any time propitiously through the grace of Our Savior Who lives and reigns with the Father in the Unity of the Holy Spirit, God, unto all ages of ages. Amen."

I guess Gregory was expressing some of his Neanderthal DNA. He speaks to the imperfection of our earthly existence, and the hope for things to come. In order to realize that hope, we do have to stick our necks out of the caves in which we live. I discovered this a few years ago...

Behold the caveman, he only makes progress when he sticks his neck out of his cave.

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