Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Shallow Church

For those of you unfamiliar with Bill Gnade's bloggings, I would like to direct you to his new site "Shallow Church." Bill's older posts back in 2006, a series entitled "Theses on the Door: Statements Regarding the Episcopal Church of the United States" (the link is just for part 1) might be a good place for the uninitiated to visit as well.

Here is a teaser from "Shallow Church",

"This site is born of something akin to disgust. It is not born of what you might think: this is not a site devoted to the criticism of Christianity as shallow. In fact, the genesis of this project is something of the inverse. This site is born in rebellion of a Christianity that is deep.

You know what I mean. This site is born in reaction to those Christians who are "deeply" searching for authenticity, for the real, for the true Church. While their ambitions are laudable, let us note what their earnestness assumes: that the Church of today is shallow, inauthentic and unreal..."

I have added a link on the right side of these pages for updates on Bill's latest blog.

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