Wednesday, August 04, 2010

What does an atheist say when you sneeze?

I can't believe you are wasting a perfectly good day reading this post. No, that is not the answer!

Somebody asked this question the other day, and at first I was stumped, but later on the answer popped into my head. I am sure this has been said before, but here goes nuthin.

Q. "What does an atheist say to you when you sneeze?"

A. "Bless yourself."

I apologize for the anemic posting, but I just got back from a 1500 mile RT, and for the last 700 mi. we were U-Haulin it back to SC, so I am exhausted. I thank the Lord for a safe journey home. I guess the atheist would say, "Thank the U-Haul company along with your own loading and driving skills."

I think my hypothetical atheist would missing the point. It was not U-Haul or Me-Haul at all. I can't help but think that God is active in our "everyday" lives.  Even in those times where we are movin it down the highway.

In it for the long haul,



  1. I'm glad you're back safe and sound.

    The subject of good fortune absent a supernatural agent facilitating it, is an interesting one from a philosophical perspective. That is, a purely materialist, Darwinian, mathematical view of things/outcomes, necessarily puts the kibosh to things like "free will" and so forth.

    I feel another post coming on, but I've got another trial tomorrow.


  2. Love the comics, especially the Calvin and Hobbes one.

    I'm only curious...if you thank God for your safe journey home, what would you have thought if something had gone wrong and prevented you from getting home safe and sound? (This sort of thing happens every day, after all.) Would you still consider that unpleasant occurance as the intervention of God?

    Oh, for the sneezes I say either "bless you," "Gesundheit" or nothing. But never "God bless you." ;)

  3. Mikel,

    I usually blame myself for the problem of pain.

    You never know about those traffic jams though. One just might keep you from hitting the kid on the bicycle who would be flying down his driveway right in front of your car if you had not been delayed.