Sunday, October 17, 2010

Free the Hostages

During the announcements at today's church service, our rector expressed his pleasure at how our Bishop, +A. Waldo, presented his argument yesterday at the Diocesan convention of Upper S.C. for continuing full economic support of T.E.c. in the face of a $200,000 shortfall in the diocesan budget. To summarize, the rationale is that you have to send T.E.c. money so that they can continue to support the needy Native American tribal missions in S.D. and so that money can go to the Episcopal Church in Haiti. 


Unlike our rector, I was not pleased when I heard +Waldo using these Churches as hostages. After all, he was saying in a way, "Pay up, or the hostages will die."

As with much of what he says, it was said oh so nicely.

Shame on you Bishop. Why don't you present viable options for those who disagree with T.E.c.'s use of 21 million dollars of our money to sue other Christians in the secular courts, or the use of T.E.c. dollars to support radical pro-abortion groups such as the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice?

I am posting some links to the Churches in need so that people might donate directly if they wish to prove that if people stop funding T.E.c., these churches will not die. God will not let them die. In fact, they just might find themselves set free from dependancy on T.E.c. and its agenda.

The Gifts of Bread and Water Cange Haiti

Or you can contact one of the missions in S.D. below.

South Dakota Mission Offices

Cheyenne River Episcopal Mission
The Reverend Les Campbell, Interim Priest-In-Charge
PO Box 533
Waubay, SD 57273

Mission Office (Cheyenne River Episcopal Mission)

PO Box 80
Eagle Butte, SD 57625
Lower Brule and Crow Creek Missions
The Rev. Liz Powers, Priest-in-Charge
209 S. Main
Chamberlain, SD 57325
Contact her
Pine Ridge Mission (including Corn Creek District)
The Very Reverend Craig West, Supervising Presbyter
PO Box 532
Martin, SD 57551
Contact him
Rosebud Mission and Bishop Hare Center
The Very Reverend John Spruhan, Priest-In-Charge
PO Box 257
Rosebud, SD 57570
Contact him (I love his e-mail address)

PO Box 188
Mission, SD 57555-0188
Habitat for Humanity 856-2665
Sisseton Mission
The Reverend Charlie Chan, Priest-In-Charge
716 7th Ave W
Sisseton, SD 57262-1248
Standing Rock Mission
The Very Reverend Rob Schwarz, Priest-In-Charge
806 3rd Avenue W
Mobridge, SD 57601-2011
Contact him
For those interested in helping the Episcopal Church in Haiti in general,

Bureau diocésain

Mgr Jean Zaché Duracin
Tél. : (509) 257 16 24
Email :

Adresse Haïti :

Eglise Episcopale d'Haïti
BP 1309, Port au Prince

Adresse USA :
c/o Lynx Air
P.O. Box 407139
Fort Lauderdale, 33340

Task Force Commission
Emergency Help
The Rev. Canon Ogé BEAUVOIR,
Phone: 011 509 3752 8725
011 509 3788 0892

Or for other world wide missions contact,
The Anglican Relief and Development Fund


  1. For a possible contributory factor in the persistent decline of plate & pledge, see Facebook posting, wherein our curate channels Susan Russell+ and +Gene Robinson. Methinks the EDS education is finally rearing its ugly head.

  2. I can't face that Facebook page, you will have to let us know if it is another example of the bad influences coming from our so-called youth minister.

  3. As the sermons and postings of our youth minister become increasingly more radical, I have a sense of "fear and trembling" with regard to the eternal salvation of our children. If the parents are paying attention, they will vote with their feet.

  4. The secular continues its assault on the spiritual. Now churches are spending money they don't have on programs no one wants, only to turn around and demand more contributions from the parishioners.

    Chutzpah, indeed.


  5. A GenCon grant give DioSD a significant part of its budget every year. So it is true that national church money is essential to continuing ministry on the Reservations. BUT every discussion I am hearing out here includes the caveat, "But that support is likely to decrease in coming years." So I think your suspicions about how TEC intends to use money are well founded, and the appeal that is going out via these Bishops is suspect.

  6. TLF+,

    It is hard to imagine the up hill road that an Episcopal missionary to the Reservations must face in these times. Keep getting the word out about what good work they are doing as well as their needs.