Sunday, November 28, 2010

God is Not a Cosmic Killjoy

The Very Rev. Canon Robert Munday's article "A Call to Radical Christianity" in the Winter 2010 Anglican Digest contains some notions that in the past would not have been considered radical.
"Christian teaching on sex is quite simple and to the point: sexual relations are appropriate only between a man and a woman who are united in Holy Matrimony. We don't believe this because we are prudes, and God didn't command this because he is a cosmic killjoy. God's way of holiness is the way of wholeness-protecting us from destructive behaviors and relationships. We should also be radical in noting and eschewing the rising emphasis upon androgeny in our culture today. Our differences as males and females should be joyfully appreciated. In a world that has lost the wonder of sexuality, the Church needs to value the beautiful, God-created diversity of men and women as equal in worth and yet different." (p.49)
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(The Anglican Digest is edited by the Rev. Canon Dr. Kendall S. Harmon of Summerville, SC.)


  1. Anonymous5:36 PM

    It saddens me to consider that Canon Munday's words are seen as "hate speech" in some quarters.

  2. What's fascinating is the push toward androgyny, and accompanying belief that gender is a "social construct," both concepts outside of Biblical teaching, ignore fundamental biology, as well. As a practical matter, those who profess an attitude contrary to the Canon's merely are trying to do what they want to do and flail around later trying to come up with a justification.


  3. Randall,

    Spot on, but I suspect they are under the delusion that they are standing up for the oppressed.