Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How Hot Has It Been?

So hot that I saw Screwtape standing in line at the lemonade stand.

It has been a bit warm lately. People have been sending me a lot of "It was so hot that..." jokes, and some were quite good, but I'm afraid not printable on these pages.

We have seen hotter, dryer summers here in Upper South Carolina. I can distinctly remember one summer when the temperatures topped 100 degrees every day for a week. That was the summer I helped to dig a trench for a sprinkler system. The earth was like concrete, shovels just bounced off of the dirt. Yeech...

This summer has blessed us with some late afternoon thundershowers which cool things off a bit, and for that I am thankful.

Still, it has been hot. It was so hot that...

...I dove into a heated discussion of East Tennessee forest management (in the middle of Norris Lake).

Thank God for our reservoirs!

Please note, we used personal flotation devices, and so should you!

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  1. It's been hot, but bearable, even though we've had heat indexes above 105 for almost two weeks. I just try to remember when we didn't have central A/C and just put up with it until the weather changed.