Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Diocese of Minnesota Resolves to Defeat Marriage Amendment

My excuse for covering all things Minnesota this week is that my grandmother was from Minnesota, and I still have some great aunts and other assorted nuts living there (and nuts don't fall too far from the tree).

From the Star Tribune comes this story.
"Members of the Episcopal Church in Minnesota, which held its annual convention over the weekend in Minneapolis, passed a resolution opposing the marriage amendment to the state constitution banning same-sex marriage.

The church is joining other denominations and non-profit organizations in signing the 'Resolution against the Constitutional Amendment to Ban Marriage for Same-Sex Couples' as prepared and presented by Minnesotans United for All Families.

That group is trying to defeat the amendment set for a vote on the November 2012 ballot, which would define marriage as a union between a man and a woman."

“'The Episcopal Church in Minnesota has always stood with the marginalized,' said Bishop Brian N. Prior, IX Bishop of Minnesota, said in a released statement. 'Regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, gender orientation or immigrant status, Episcopalians in Minnesota have always embraced both the Gospel mandate of love of neighbor and the Baptismal Covenant imperative to respect the dignity of every human being.'”
Bishop Prior obviously thinks that to hold true to the Biblical standard of marriage is unloving and disrespectful.

I think that he is not holding true to the Apostolic faith, and in so doing, he is unloving and disrespectful.

Do not forget that our Bishop Waldo fell from the Diocese of Minnesota tree, and wait till you hear who has taken over his last church.


  1. Anonymous8:34 PM

    Having been there, it's fair to say that the rules of Convention were fairly well gamed by my Progressivist friends. This resolution--as well those to send our full apportionment to 815 (even though our own Finance Committee recommended against it for financial purposes) and full support of the MDG's, and to pressure our members of Congress to support the full funding of the Palestinian authority--were all introduced the day of Convention. No heads up, except by and for allies and advocates of said causes and obviously with the Chair's blessing. Numerous clergy have expressed great sadness at this and want to at least make the system fair. Fairness to what end, I suppose.

  2. Anon,
    I suspect there is a lot of stuff that goes on before these embarrassing resolutions hit the floor. I wonder if the Church might be better off if they did away with resolutions altogether.

    Another strategy might be to come up with endless floor resolutions and make the so and sos stay all night voting them down.