Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cranmer vs the Equinox, What/Who is Your Church Honoring This Day?

From the electronic newsletter of the Diocese of Upper South Carolina comes news of yet another worship service based on the apparent motion of the Sun. As reported previously, the church in the forefront of this new age movement is St. Michael and All Angels in Columbia, SC (which shall from henceforth be known as "St. Stonehenge and All Druids").  

Here is the announcement:
"A Celebration of the Spring Equinox and Prayers for the Healing of the Earth
Wednesday, March 21 at 7:00 pm in the outdoor Chapel of Refuge and Grace.
We will observe the transition from Winter to Spring at the time when day and night, light and darkness are in balance with prayers for the intention of healing our earth and increasing our awareness of God’s creation as a gift deserving of our stewardship"
Never mind that March 21 is listed as the day we would otherwise honor Thomas Cranmer

I guess remembering Protestant martyrs, or remembering those who are largely responsible for the Anglican worship that we enjoy, would be far less interesting than observing the revolution of the Earth around the sun. 

As I noted, this is not the first such celebration to be held at St. Stonehenge and All Druids. Earlier posts are to be found here, here, and here.

 Shame on our Bishop for fiddling around and letting this slide toward paganism continue. 

Pray that he remember the Cranmerian examination (1549) of those who are being consecrated as bishop,

The Archebisshoppe. Are you perswaded that the holy Scriptures conteine sufficiently all doctryne, requyred of necessitie for eternall salvacyon, through the faith in Jesu Christe? And are you determyned with the same holy scriptures, to enstruct the people committed to your charge, and to teache or maintein nothyng, as required of necessitie to eternall salvacion, but that you shall bee perswaded may be concluded, and proved by the same?    
Aunswere. I am so perswaded and determined by gods grace.    
The Archebisshoppe. Wil you then faithfully exercise your selfe in the said holy scriptures, and call upon god by prayer for the true understanding of the same, so as ye may be able by them to teache and exhorte with wholesome doctrine, and to withstande and convince the gainsaiers?    
Aunswere. I wyll so doe, by the helpe of God.    
The Archebisshoppe. Be you ready with al faithful diligence, to banishe and drive away al erronious and straunge doctryne, contrary to god's worde, and both privately and openly to call upon, and encourage other to the same?    
Aunswere. I am ready, the lord beyng my helper.
Once our bishop banishes the equinox and solstice services going on in his diocese, then and only then can he let me know whether he has found an adequate theology to support that other innovation we are facing, same sex blessings.

For me, this week I am ignoring the  Equinox and thanking God for Cranmer.

Merciful God, who through the work of Thomas Cranmer didst renew the worship of thy Church by restoring the language of the people, and through whose death didst reveal thy power in human weakness: Grant that by thy grace we may always worship thee in spirit and in truth; through Jesus Christ, our only Mediator and Advocate, who livest and reignest with thee and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen. (traditional prayer)


  1. Anonymous12:59 AM

    What is the most tragic about this is that if you or I went into our church (I too an a member of ECOOS) and asked 10 seemingly intelligent adults who Cranmer was and what his part was as a Christian martyr, and even under whose reign it occurred, no one would know the answer~

    1. Anon 09:59,

      You are probably right.

    2. Anonymous10:48 PM

      Actually the entire Parlor Sunday School Class could answer that - it was one of the lessons taught during the fall of 2011! Anon should go to Sunday School!

  2. Notwithstanding the perversity of the bishop and his clergy, I have to ask...where is the outrage from the people in the pews? Can an entire congregation really acquiesce/support/fund the SC version of The Satanic Verses?

    1. Please be reminded that this is from the Diocese of Upper South Carolina where I reside.

      The stats for St. Stonehenge and All Druids seem to show that much of the congregation is fleeing for their lives.

      (Link to the Episcopal church research pages)

      Scroll to enter "Upper South Carolina" as the Diocese, wait a second or two and then scroll to find the church "St. Michael and All Angels.

      You will find the picture of an ongoing disaster.

      (if the link does not work, try:)

  3. Should we bring our own tree to hug? I don't know the protocol for these things.


    1. Bringing your own tree would be a terrible thing to do. I mean tearing it from its roots in Gaia and all...

  4. I note, St. Michael's includes the following traditional Lenten Season activities:

    Carbon Fast: (As opposed to stuff, which, like, you know, is actually sinful or overly indulgent.)

    Eco Palms: (Because commemorating Palm Sunday with anything else would be just wrong.)

    BTW, I note a seven week "faith formation" program, which has the following agenda:

    Each week of this program for Lent has a unique focus:

    Week before Ash Wednesday – Christian Simplicity: A Compassionate Life (two handouts)

    First Week of Lent – Food: Eating is a Moral Act

    Second Week of Lent – Consumption: Buying Less, Wasting Less

    Third Week of Lent – Water: Caring for our Sacred Waters

    Fourth Week of Lent – Energy: Choosing Efficient and Clean

    Fifth Week of Lent – Transportation: Exploring Alternative Means

    Holy Week – Gratitude & Generosity: Becoming Involved

    Any mention of sin, sacrifice, blood atonement or resurrection in there anywhere? Or am I missing something? Sounds more like a "faith transformation to something not recognizable as even Christian" to me.


  5. Yikes, the chief Druid has really gone off the train!

    I like the "faith transformation" into something non-Christian. Good one Randall. And you thought the genius had left you!

  6. Dave H11:27 PM

    A random thought popped into my head: What would these guys do if they all moved to someplace on the equator?

    1. DaveH,

      They might have a celebration of the Feast Day of Willis Haviland Carrier.