Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Screwtape Letters to be Performed in Charlotte

I saw this off Broadway, and I highly recommend it to those in the Charlotte area when it comes to town on. Here is the date and time.

June 29 - 30, 2012
at the  KNIGHT THEATER at Levine Center for the Arts,
430 South Tryon St.
Charlotte, NC 28202 

I posted my review in a previous post, and I repost it here:
This play was a dramatic rendering of CS Lewis' classic book (which I had read several years back). I really enjoyed this presentation, in part because it brought to life the very real presence of a tempter in our lives. It also showed a contemporary audience the cosmic battle over souls that we so often deny in this day and age. As far as the battle goes, we know Who will win, but poor "Uncle" Screwtape is doomed as he will never be able to figure out God's strategy. Screwtape holds fast to his hypothesis that God must have something up His sleeve when He says that He loves us "hairy creatures." God can't really mean that! The penultimate schemer, Screwtape is incapable of understanding God because Screwtape only understands scheming and understands "purpose" to mean something that is driven by selfish desire. Agape is incomprehensible to these tempters.
To quote the theater's description,
"C.S. Lewis' brilliant novel The Screwtape Letters, reveals spiritual warfare from a demon's point of view. A sold-out hit in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C., this funny, provocative, and wickedly witty theatrical adaptation starring Max McLean as Screwtape will change the way you think about how demons influence your everyday life.
Performance includes special after-show talkback with Max McLean."
When we saw it in NYC, it was not exactly sold out, but that helped us get seats within spitting distance of the demon himself.

I am not sure why this is rated PG-13.
"The performance is appropriate for ages 13 and up; children under 4 will not be admitted into the theatre."
Since no one among the audience of this blog is likely to be under 4 years of age, I guess I am safe in encouraging all my readers to go to the show. This would be a good outing for an adult Sunday School class.

For ticket information click here: Blumenthal Performing Arts, Belk Theater, Knight Theater, Spirit Square, Charlotte, NC - The Screwtape Letters

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  1. I'd love to see it, if it makes its way out here. Nobody beats C.S. Lewis.