Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Diocese of Upper South Carolina: Task Force 10 To Gomorrah

The following notification came from the Episcopal Diocese of Upper South Carolina last week:

"Task Force on Unity to be announced" -
"Bishop Waldo will name the members of the Bishop's Task Force on Unity early next week. The Task Force will consist of 10-12 people who will work for six - 18th months on defining the boundaries within which we can live together even as we differ on same-sex blessings. The group will also work to articulate a rigorous theological understanding of same-sex blessings that will acknowledge the broad spectrum of belief in Upper South Carolina. Finally, the Task Force will create a plan by which our diocese will address the specifics of General Convention resolution A049"

Bishop Waldo just can't make himself be a leader on this issue. He has stated that he wants same sex blessings to happen, but he just can't bring himself say "Yes" or "No."

So instead, he will create and launch a "task force" to do the dirty work. Which means we better lift our eyes unto the hills and run as fast as we can towards them.

Given the overwhelming support for ssb's among the clergy, how can the result of the task force's deliberations be anything but the very thing that Bishop Waldo desires most? Let's see who they come up with as the members of this special ops unit. I'll be checking my mail box, but I don't expect to have to unpack the old foot locker and join the task force. And don't look for anyone to try to torpedo the fleet which I am sure will be carefully screened and shielded. If things hold true to form, the only thing coming out of the Task Force on Unity will be a smokescreen that allows +Waldo's precious ssb's to move forward.

We don't need 10 or 12 people to waste a year of their time on this when, as Sartre would say, "Les Jeux Sont Faits" (or as my High School French teacher translated it, "the die is cast").

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