Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Patriarch Kirill of Moscow Addresses Episcopal Church Presiding Lobbyist (Not Really)


In our Presiding Bishop’s recent statement on comprehensive immigration legislation, we see how the Episcopal church just can't help but inject its favorite subject into political discourse:
"Family reunification long has been at the heart of our nation’s immigration system, and we are pleased to see that the Senate bill contains significant streamlining and expediting of the reunification process for citizens and green-card holders. We do not support further restrictions on the ability of residents to bring family members to join them. We are gravely disappointed, however, that even as many families will experience the joy of reunification, some families and family members have been excluded from the Senate bill."
"As the process moves forward, we will strongly urge the inclusion of same-sex partners and spouses in the legislation. Every family deserves to live in unity."
Insert sound of head hitting desk.

Must...  stay... focused...

And yes, the Episcopal church's official lobbying wing is spending your money to push this wording in the Senate. (See their public policy network pages).

As a foil to our Presiding Bishop, I give you Patriarch Kirill of Moscow as he discusses the Romanov Dynasty. The Patriarch might have written something similar if he were to consider addressing the Schori Dynasty.
" addressing the public, the Church draws attention to and remarks on everything that has to do with salvation. Historical events might be relevant to mankind's salvation... that is, their effects might have an influence on such, but the fact remains that most events have nothing to do with the Gospel. That's why the Church shouldn't issue immediate comment on political events.The Church isn't an organ of political commentary; we don't have the job of immediately assessing everything that happens in our country, in society, in the world. Conversely, nevertheless, the Church can assess historical events with a soteriological understanding, that is, from the point of view of how it affects mankind's salvation."
(h/t rdrjames who should have included the link instead of making me hunt for it!)
 Of course the Patriarch is just another knuckle-dragger like me as can be seen in his recent letter to Pope Francis and therefore his opinion counts for nothing in the eyes of the ruling majority in TEc.
"We need to labour together for the affirmation of traditional moral values ​​in modern secular societies."

Which would probably not include urging our legislators to try to insert a same sex family clause into immigration reform.

Now, I wonder what would happen if I used the links at the Episcopal church's public policy pages and made a few alterations to the suggested letter to my Senator? What if I inserted a few words from the Patriarch of Moscow????

Heh... heh...

Something like this:

I received this message from The Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church in response to the introduction of the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013, S. 744, and I wanted to be sure that you pay no attention to what she is requesting.

Rather, you should harken to the words of the Patriarch of Moscow who said,

"The Church isn't an organ of political commentary; we don't have the job of immediately assessing everything that happens in our country, in society, in the world." Patriarch Kirill of Moscow

Don't let immigration reform be side-tracked by special interest groups.

You know what? I bet I might get a big fat,

Thank You

Thank you for being a part of The Episcopal Church Public Policy Network. Your voice is an important part of our work here and we appreciate the time you have taken to make it heard.
Ain't it good to be part of an inclusive church?

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