Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Valid Though Irregular?

From the National Catholic Reporter comes this fawning reminder of how we got here,
Forty years after the first women were ordained to be priests in the Episcopal church, its presiding bishop is uncertain where her -- yes, her -- spiritual home would be if the church still refused to ordain females.
"I don't know if I'd still be an Episcopalian," Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori said in an interview with NCR. "That's a good question."
The church at first declared those ordinations -- 11 women in Philadelphia on July 29, 1974, and four the next year in Washington, D.C. -- to be both "irregular" and "invalid," but eventually labeled them valid though irregular
A classic technique used by propagandists to advance a cause is to change the meaning of words. Episcopalians seem to be especially gullible to the propagandist's methods, and the National Catholic Reporter appears to be playing to a similar audience.

Sometimes a propagandist will let an unintentionally funny line slip through (emphasis added),
Another of the Philadelphia 11, Alison Cheek, now in her 80s, told NCR she believes that "women, by and large, as far as I can see, have done a really good job in the church, although some are hard to distinguish from the men."
At other times the propagandist reveals exactly who is in control of things,
"I think it was the press that saved us," she said, noting how the media, including the National Catholic Reporter, refused to let the ordinations story drop. 
Should of known better. After all, the National Catholic Reporter's Mission and Values web page lets you know what they are all about,
The National Catholic Reporter is the only significant alternative Catholic voice that provides avenues for expression of diverse perspectives, promoting tolerance and respect for differing ideas...
Our Core Values:
Operating out of the spirit of the Second Vatican Council, we are called to:
  • Social justice: Shining a light on stories of injustice and inequality, especially for the disadvantaged and marginalized.
  • Human dignity: Promoting respect and honor for all members of the human family
  • Inclusiveness: Embracing the global family, its rich diversity and the sacredness of all creation
  • Excellence: Striving to achieve the highest quality of journalism
Excellence? Sputter, gag, cough...
Our Vision:
We see a church alive with the Spirit, its members working around the world to embody and spread the message of the Gospels while relying on NCR as a trusted provider of information and a source of inspiration.
My opinion of NCR is not unlike the historical take on how things went down with the Philadelphia Eleven: Invalid and irregular.

My vision for this lowly blog is to be a bit more valid though a little bit irregular, especially in its use of grammar.


  1. Irregular: contrary to the rules or to that which is normal or established.
    "they were questioned about their involvement in irregular financial dealings"
    synonyms: against the rules, out of order, improper, illegitimate, unscrupulous, unethical, unprofessional, unacceptable.
    TEc is turning words into synonyms out of words that are actually antonyms. Another example is "Abortion is a blessing" according to Katherine Ragsdale. What does this yield? It yields confusion. Who is the author of confusion? The evil one. Another ploy of the progressives is the arrogance of 'nuance' when it is simply lack of precision.

    1. Good points. I will try to be more regular!