Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Maybe Aronofsky Should Have Called the Movie "Gilgamesh" Instead of "Noah"

‘You know the city Shurrupak, it stands on the banks of Euphrates? That city grew old and the gods that were in it were old. There was Anu,-lord of the firmament, their father, and warrior Enlil their counsellor, Ninurta the helper, and Ennugi watcher over canals; and with them also was Ea. In those days the world teemed, the people multiplied, the world bellowed like a wild bull, and the great god was aroused by the clamour. Enlil heard the clamour and he said to the gods in council, "The uproar of mankind is intolerable and sleep is no longer possible by reason of the babel." So the gods agreed to exterminate mankind. Enlil did this, but Ea because of his oath warned me in a dream. He whispered their words to my house of reeds, "Reed-house, reed-house! Wall, O wall, hearken reed-house, wall reflect; O man of Shurrupak, son of
Ubara-Tutu; tear down your house and build a boat, abandon possessions and look for life, despise worldly goods and save your soul alive. Tear down your house, I say, and build a boat. These are the measurements of the barque as you shall build her: let her beam equal her length, let her deck be roofed like the vault that covers the abyss; then take up into the boat the seed of all living creatures." -The Epic of Gigamesh 
The other day I was forced to watch the recent film "Noah" which I had expressed no interest in seeing when it was at the theaters.  Noah had its world premiere in Mexico City on March 10, 2014 and here we are in August and it is already available for rent at your nearest RedBox machine.

Other than the lead character being named Noah, the film has nothing in common with the Biblical story of the flood. I think they could have named it "Gilgamesh" and produced the same film, but nobody (except me) would have paid money to see Gilgamesh. The movie Noah simply prostitutes Noah's name in order to attract an audience.

Ah well, that's entertainment I suppose.

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