Sunday, July 26, 2015

1♂ + 1♀ = 4Ever

Pride is one of the sins of mankind and nothing gripes me more than a "Pride Parade." I must admit however, that these are an effective means of creating support for a minority position.

Now that the open expression of support for traditional marriage is under attack, I have a proposal that may make some cringe,

A "Traditional Marriage Pride Day" and parade!

We need a logo and a T-shirt, so I came up with this,

1♂ + 1♀ = 4Ever

Next I need to find a gay T-shirt print shop owner and ask him to make the first hundred.

Then we need to design a flag. I'm putting that out there for ideas.

I can see it now, hundreds of  married heterosexuals, some of them in wheelchairs and walkers, going down the avenue, presenting a wholesome and positive image for the gathered throngs.

Of course, there will be organized hecklers, ridicule, and occasional spitting, but we won't let that rain on our parade.

Whatcha think? 


  1. Pewster,
    Great idea but.....what will you do it the shop owner refuses to print up the shirts?

  2. Oh yes, my little slogan will be called a "message of hate." Here is a couple who put up a similar message on a billboard and Yahoo pounced on them.