Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Inconsistency Cannot Be Removed Surgically

Some readers may not have heard the shellfish argument as currently used by those who support same-sex blessings and/or marriage. It argues from Leviticus and goes like this, “If you oppose same sex marriage because the Bible says it’s a sin, how come I see you eating that shrimp po-boy?”

I do not mean to kick a bishop when he is down, but I must point out an bishop's error in reasoning. The Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal church recently said (before he was diagnosed with a subdural hematoma) the following with reference to refugees from Syria,
"In the Book of Leviticus, God says to the people of Israel that, "the foreigner who resides with you shall be to you as the citizen among you; you shall love the foreigner as yourself, for you were foreigners in the land of Egypt." Accordingly, we welcome the stranger. We love our neighbor. The Episcopal Church has long been committed to resettling refugees in our own communities fleeing violence and persecution." Presiding Bishop Michael B. Curry
Isn't it strange that he would invoke Leviticus in this case when he ignores it in the case of same-sex marriage in which case Leviticus comes down hard on homosexual activity.

Or maybe it is not all that strange because that is the way revisionist reasoning handles these things... inconsistently.

Using Bishop Curry's logic, the moral code that forbade same-sex intercourse has to be obeyed. If he were to be consistent in his application of Leviticus, I would expect him to say, "Accordingly, we forbid same-sex marriage."

While we can expect Bishop Curry's speedy recovery after his hematoma is evacuated, don't expect his revisionist thinking to have been evacuated along with the clot.

Inconsistency like this cannot be fixed by a few surgical bore holes in the skull..

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