Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Welby the Weak

In 2015 I noted how un-evangelical the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, acted when speaking to a group of mostly Muslim school children.  
The Archbishop faced a number of “challenging” questions from pupils at the Church of England school (St Alban’s Academy in Highgate), where 80 per cent of its pupils are Muslim.
Answering a pupil who asked whether he would encourage him to convert from Islam to Christianity, the Archbishop said: “I am not going to put pressure on you, and I wouldn’t expect you to put pressure on me.” (BirminghamMail)
So I was not surprised when in May of 2017 he posted a video message to Muslims a few days after the terrorist attack in Manchester blessing them and wishing them a "very good Ramadan".

The appropriate Christian response to Islam is to correct its error and to spread the good news of Jesus as Lord. To do otherwise is to deny the Trinity. Weak responses to Islam such as wishing people a "very good Ramadan" only serve to legitimize the heresy. 

When he was announced as Archbishop it was said that he was an "evangelical". 

The word must mean something different in England.

From now on, he will be announced as "Welby the Weak".


  1. I pray every year during Ramadan that God will give Muslims dreams and visions to guide them to the truth.

    Welby is restricted by his position, I suppose, but he should be preaching God's love on every possible occasion. Muslims know about obedience but not about love.

    1. Pray for the best. Prepare for the worst.

  2. And yet another incident of Islamic barbarism, this time in London. Is this what Welby thinks of as a "good Ramadan?"

    1. I predict he will come out with a statement condemning terrorism while blessing Islam.

  3. According to one of ++Welby's latest statements, we are to embrace "Radical Inclusion". Maybe this allows us to invite them to church and the Lord's Supper but not encourage them to become Christian.