Wednesday, November 06, 2019

More Genders Than Colors In The Rainbow

From the Scottish Sun comes the news that in their next census, "Scots face ‘baffling’ list of 21 sexualities to choose from in 2021 census including gynephilic and skoliosexual". Interestingly, the list does not include "Transexual" or "Lesbian" while both "Heterosexual" and "Straight" appear. This creates more genders than the rainbow flag can possibly represent. Here is the list,

  1. ANDROPHILIC Person of any gender who loves men or who is sexually attracted to men
  2. ANDROSEXUAL Person who has sexual feelings towards masculinity
  3. ASEXUAL Doesn’t experience sexual attraction
  4. BICURIOUS Interested in sexual experience with same sex
  5. BISEXUAL Attracted to both men and women
  6. DEMIROMANTIC Only experiences romantic attraction after developing emotional connection beforehand
  7. DEMISEXUAL Doesn’t exper­ience sexual attraction unless they form a strong emotional connection with someone
  8. FLUID Person who experiences changes in their sexual orientation
  9. GAY Sexually attracted to members of the same sex
  10. GYNEPHILIC Person of any gender who is sexually attracted to women or to femininity
  11. GYNESEXUAL Attracted to females or female body parts, regardless of whether that person identifies as female
  12. HOMOSEXUAL Sexually attracted to members of the same sex
  13. HETEROSEXUAL Sexually attracted to the opposite sex
  14. LESBIAN Woman who is sexually attracted to other women
  15. PANSEXUAL Attracted to all gender identities
  16. POLYSEXUAL Sexually and/or rom­antically attracted to many genders
  17. QUEER Sexual and gender min­orities who aren’t heterosexual or are not cisgender
  18. QUESTIONING Person who may be unsure, still exploring and concern­ed about applying a social label to themselves for various reasons
  19. SKOLIOSEXUAL A person who is attracted to people who are transgender or nonbinary
  20. STRAIGHT Sexually attracted to members of the opposite sex
  21. UNSURE Someone who is not sure of their sexuality

Those crazy Scots...


  1. I agree with the Catholic Church on this one. Whatever next?

    1. A.B., One would think that the progressives have to run out of abominations to support, but there appears to be no limit to their imaginations.