Wednesday, December 03, 2014

The Slippery Staircase

The first step away from God is when we deny the authority of the scriptures found in the Bible.

I saw this illustration over at Churchmouse Campanologist, and I agree that it as true today as it was in 1922, and I asked if there were any steps lower than the last two. You will have to step over to Churchmouse's pages to see what we came up with.


  1. Thank you for reblogging this -- much appreciated!

    That illustration is chilling. Note the progression from light into darkness.

    I also like the three-generation movement. The elder leading a middle-aged man and a younger chap down the fateful staircase.

    Something to think about, especially during Advent.


    1. I wonder if the staircase analogy works in the opposite direction when leading someone to Faith?

  2. I think so.

    The illustrator has done a marvellous job of contrasting light with darkness. So, imagine coming UP the staircase ... a different matter entirely. And millions of people have experienced this from the birth of the early Church at the first Pentecost.

    The artist put a lot of thought into this illustration. It's one of a kind.

    In the archway down to the abyss, there seems to be a face (looking to the left), eye closed, head tilted. The closed eye could symbolise a closed mind: 'I don't want to see what I cannot accept' -- or vice versa!