Wednesday, December 10, 2014

TEc Bling: "The Episcopal Church, We don't suck"

This was given out by an Episcopal bishop at a youth event and posted on Facebook,

"The Episcopal Church We don't suck"
C'mon man! Bishop dude needs to stash the bling.

I have to agree with the message in a way: TEc certainly has not been sucking in new members.

Question: "Just what is that great sucking sound that we hear in TEc anyway?"

Answer: "The sound of people being sucked out the door."


  1. What entity could recruit new membership with that motto?
    Is that mid way on a Likert scale?

    1. It is defining yourself by what you perceive you are not. In so doing, you are also casting aspersions on those who are not you. Such an entity is the same one that defines itself as the church where "we don't check our brains at the door." That is off any scale.