Sunday, November 19, 2006

The End Times for Fundamentalists

Woe be to thee, thou fundamentalists and worshippers of the Books of Daniel and Revelation! The End Times are here. Charlie has said the final word for your hopes and dreams of the extermination of life on earth. Since it hasn't happened in 2000 years, "It ain't gonna happen." And that is final, end of lecture, so let's get on with the Lord's work. The epitome of hope for the future is the Baptism of an infant as we saw today. We will, with God's help, guide this child to a life in Christ, with all it's promise for a future, rather than a misguided dream for the end of the world.


  1. "dreams of the extermination of life on earth"

    You understand, of course, that we don't dream of exterminating ALL life on earth but, merely, heathens, apostates, heretics and anyone else with whom we might disagree from time to time. It's a fairly select group and has the makings of a made-for-TV movie (working title: "Return to Salem")

  2. TravellingMercies4:53 PM

    Amen, Brother Pewster, Amen Charlie! Let us all those who would live in anticipation of the immediate end times know that their own end time is nigh! (sorry, I got carried away by the sway of the language). It is irritating to hear people who are so focused on, and actually pleased about the End Times and the horrors those times will supposedly bring. As Christians, it is our duty to foster hope and look to the future with joy and willingness to work for that joy. Let us set about doing God's will, and the time that will take will fill our hours and our hearts so that we have no free time to meditate on the metaphors of Revelations. As Pewster points out, the hope of the world is represented by the baptism of the baby this past Sunday, not by those who thing that the end of the world is coming next Tuesday.


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  4. undergroundpewster4:41 PM

    An unusual take on things oh secret one. I thought only a few would be raptured, "billions" kind of makes the rapture lose the appeal of exclusivity.