Sunday, November 12, 2006

Of Scouts and Widows

Do any of you detect a trend in Mary Kat's sermons? It may be just the coincidence of the Lessons on any particular Sunday that she has to deal with the feminine side of the Bible. Two Lessons with widows! There is a connection with the Boy Scouts that she missed (she probably was not a Boy Scout). I enjoyed the Eagle Scout ceremony today. I am happy for Travis and Sandra and Tim. I wanted to point out that proverbial scout who helped the little old lady across the street. I just have to imagine her as a widow too, and the scout did not ask for her to get him a drink or some bread. The scout would take no payment. Jesus was also a champion of the poor, the outcast, the sick, and the friendless. When scouting is done right, young men are raised with these values in mind and can become champions themselves.

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