Sunday, February 11, 2007

Breezy Porticos

The link above has a couple of appropriately titled songs. Architectural firms always give you more than what you ask for. Unfortunately, you are usually "wowed" by the presentation and don't think to question the extras. Parish meetings always give you something to think about. Unfortunately, these thoughts usually come up after the meeting. I agree with Cato about the "portico." I would like to see the elevation drawings for the altar. This could be provided by the architectural firm via an electronic walkthrough accesible over the web. We have several avenues through which we may voice our concerns. Ideally, an electronic forum should be available for all parishoners to discuss issues of the day. Alas this was dismantled by the last Vestry and all that remains is this lonely outpost. Alternatively, we must lobby the committee chair (who says she will take the punishment) and approach the new Vestry to take up these concerns. One can also stand up during the announcements on Sunday and raise awareness amongst the sheep. With today's sermon we were blessed by having Fr. Dunbar expound on the Gospel of Luke. This is the pewster's favorite gospel. Now what would Luke say about the renovation project?

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  1. As a physician, Luke might have had some curiosity about the origins of the maladies which afflict the body of the church. From whence came some of these suggestions which many don't want and which, in some cases, are certainly not needed. Lastly, he might wonder how the members lost control of the body.