Thursday, February 22, 2007

Not Fit for Public Consumption

At the joint Grace Lutheran/Episcopal Church of Our Saviour Ash Wednesday Service Charlie gave the homily. We somehow went from the scriptures telling us to keep our fasting secret to his turning his head away from couples necking in public (or what is currently called PDA ,public display of affection) and also not looking when actors and actresses do the PDA thing on film or TV. He rightly believes such displays are "not for public consumption" because love is a holy thing. Of course he was preaching to the choir since Episcopalians are well known for being cold and less than touchy feely. As we all sat there with smudged foreheads, being careful not to come into any bodily contact with the beings seated near us, I was thinking we should hurry and wash the ashes off before anyone could see an outward sign of devotion. I guess we should also not wear the cross where anyone can see it, nor should priests wear those funny collars. This must have been a good Ash Wednesday because I was left feeling incredibly guilty.

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  1. It's really unfortunate that the folks at 815 don't feel a similar sense of guilt or any desire to repent. Of course, a season devoted to repentance and reconciliation is anathema to the "progressive" mindset.