Sunday, June 10, 2007

10 years

This Sunday we celebrate Charlie's 10th year at Our Saviour. The program notes indicate that this is the longest continuous run of his career. Some one needs to tell me the average tenure of an Episcopal priest. It seems that there is a shortage of priests out there, but fortunately our new ex-governor/seminarian from New Jersey will be available in a few short years for those of you who are priestless at present. We are lucky to have Charlie and Gwen for the past 10 years. After all, he could stand up there and say that he is tired of Sunday afternoon quarterbacks like the Pewster posting comments on the Sunday sermon. Speaking of which, "brown people?" (twice) Oh well, as he said during the announcements, sometimes the wrong words come out. We should remember the good words of the anthem, "Oh my God, bestow thy tender mercy, blot out my transgressions, cleanse my sins...." While more appropriate for Lent, the Pewster will take them to heart and beg forgiveness for my transgressions. Still, I wonder what Green people think of Brown people.

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