Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Physician Assisted Suicide Bombers

Here is a new headline I dreamed up. “Physician Assisted Suicide Bombers.” Maybe Dr. K. can find a new niche.

Blame socialized medicine for the physician shortage in the UK which leads to an easier path for “radical islamic muslim terrorist doctors” to enter the country. The US should take heed as we accept more graduates from foreign medical schools to make up for fewer US graduates going into the medical profession due to decreases in reimbursement and increases in litigation and bureaucratic hassles.
Which oath takes precedence, the Hippocratic oath or the jihadist oath? Better check through the medical records of these docs to see if any patients had their souls sent to Allah before their time. At least they didn't try to blow up a hospital, I guess the Hippocratic oath held sway there.

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