Monday, July 16, 2007

Top Ten Reasons for Being Episcopalian

It took a lot of will power to keep from buying this shirt that I saw at a Church store (see link to view the shirt and the original list or maybe to buy one). I had to revise the list since you can't satisfy all Episcopalians all of the time, and I wanted to be a little offensive today.

Number 10. You can handle snakes if you want, just as long as it is done in the privacy of your own home.
Number 9. You can believe in dinosaurs, just don't agree with their opinions.
Number 8. Male or Female or in between, God made them, we ordain them.
Number 7. You had better not check your brains.
Number 6. Mental gymnastics (to justify your position)
Number 5. Summer vacation from Church is God's gift to Episcopalians (in part because He needs a break).
Number 4. Free wine on Sunday's and more at supper club!
Number 3. Nobody needs to feel guilty about wearing a dress in Church.
Number 2. You can be Baptised or not, come on in the water's fine!
Number 1. No matter what you believe, you can teach it to the Church.


  1. The Rev. Dr. Ann Holmes Redding thinks one of the benefits is the possibility of being both Muslim and Episcopalian (though not Christian). Chuck Colson believes that Episcopalians are leaving in droves not because of gay clergy but because of non-Christian clergy. I don't think they make a T-shirt big enough to list all the benefits of being Episcopalian.

  2. Hello, I found your site interesting. Why do you continue to consider yourself Episcopalian?

  3. Excellent question! To paraphrase a former President of the United States, the answer depends on what the meaning of Episcopalian is. I will attempt to answer by saying that I have been baptised and confirmed in the Episcopal Church, and for better or worse will humble myself to the will of my Priest, my Bishop, and my Presiding Bishop. I do not promise to be a good Episcopalian since I like to grumble. If the Episcopal Church were a monastary, this would result is severe discipline. Since the Church is not monastic, I have been simply banished to this site.