Thursday, October 04, 2007

An 80 year Marriage

This article in the Huntsville Times caught my eye because of the untold story. It is the 80th wedding anniversary for a 97 year old man and a 94 year old woman. This scandalous marriage of 80 years must have taken place with a 14 year old bride and 17 year old groom. Today, the groom would have been tried as a sex offender, and this success story would never have had a chance to take place. It looks like this marriage was a blessed one. This makes me think of another child bride of Biblical times. Fortunately, Joseph took her in and she was not stoned by the legal system of the day, and the rest is history. I thought this piece of information might be of use when we are asked to redefine marriage. If marriage is between one man and one woman, then does it all depend on what the definition of "woman" is? If SSBs are formalized, will there be age constraints on the participants?

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