Sunday, October 28, 2007

Treasures in the Attic

This week we had the official beginning of the search for money for the capital funds campaign at COOS. What better way to start than a 20 minute stem winder tracing Charlie's life history of giving. I wonder if people were tipped off on the subject matter by the 8:00 o'clockers, because it looked like a "low Sunday" crowd for the 10:30 service. Most Church activities start with a high level of participation which gradually dwindles (witness the Eucharistic Visitor program which needed a call for volunteers today). This is the nature of Church programs. I hope the capital campaign does not follow this pattern. If it does, we will be left praying to find treasures in the attic as Charlie described today where someone found an autographed baseball worth $300,000. He was wrong about Mel Ott's signature being on that ball because he played for the Giants and not for the 1927 Yankees.


  1. "Treasures in the Attic?"

    I might have opted for "Bats in the Belfry."

  2. Please send your suggestion to the restoration committee. Bats would be cheaper than putting a bell up there.