Friday, April 11, 2008

The P word

In an earlier post, I raised the spectre of polygamy and other alternative lifestyles. This week's news of a raid on a community of polygamists gave me pause to revisit this issue. I heard several hot words bandied about, brainwashing, cults, compound, and I listened to former and current members of such groups rejecting and defending these "arrangements." The main arguments against polygamy as practiced in the FLDS seemed to hinge on the young girls raised to be married soon after menarche. The impression was that they must be brainwashed to go along with this practice. Several thoughts come to mind. What constitutes brainwashing? What about cultural sensitivity? How about freedom of religion? Was I brainwashed into the tradition of Paul to accept marriage as one man one woman till death do us part? Has the Episcopal Church been brainwashing us to accept serial marriages by practice and by example? (I believe it was the nefarious Episcopal Bishop James Pike who had the dubious honor of having 3 wives present at his requiem as one example.)
I have yet to see any words from the Episcopal Church regarding the raid in Texas. I wonder why.



    Sorry--I know this is off topic but you might want to check out what our alleged Windsor bishop is up to these days. Voting yes to depose +Duncan, +Schofield and +Cox wasn't enough. Now he tells St. Christopher's that there is no place in TEC for a Bible-believing, orthodox parish.

  2. "I have yet to see any words from the Episcopal Church regarding the raid in Texas. I wonder why."

    Possibly, it's because TEC has become a hotbed of moral relativists who believe that any lifestyle is acceptable. Or, maybe, it's because their education is somewhat stunted, never having read Paul.

  3. Responding to #1 It sounds like the Inquisitor at work in Spartanburg. I notice the church at St. Christopher's is valued at 3 million dollars with no debt. A ripe plum gets picked. Our little church with 1.2 million in debt should be safe for a while, unless, like the fig tree that did not bear fruit, it gets cursed and withers away.