Wednesday, October 08, 2008

God 3 - Presidential Candidates 0

Last night I caught some of the "debate" with the President wannabes. I also watched the gloom and doom from the MSM about the current swing of the financial pendulum. I was keeping score looking and listening for God talk. I wasn't the only one that noticed that the subject of God did not make its omnipresence known during the debate. As this article at Get Religion points out, there were other witnesses keeping score, but here is my tally.

Presidential Candidates: Zip.

What about other experts?

First off, we have our good friend the President of Iran.
"Ahmadinejad blames lack of piety for credit crunch".
"God willing, a global government of justice will be set up with the resistance of Iranian people as the flag-bearers (of the movement) led by Imam Mahdi."
Easy for him to say, awash in oil, saving money on dry cleaning, 1 point for God

Next, a few words from the Pope.
Pope Benedict XVI says the global financial crisis show the futility of money and ambition.
"now with the collapse of big banks we see that money disappears, is nothing and all these things that appear real are in fact of secondary importance."
He didn't say God or Christ, but I know where he is coming from, 1/2 point for God.

And finally a lot of words from the Archbishop.
Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury,
"And ascribing independent reality to what you have in fact made yourself is a perfect definition of what the Jewish and Christian Scriptures call idolatry. What the present anxieties and disasters should be teaching us is to 'keep ourselves from idols', in the biblical phrase."
Overall the article reads more like a lecture on economics, and he does bring the Bible in at the end, but it was a long haul to get there, 1/2 point for God.

Overall, God is in the lead 3-0 (I gave God 1 extra point because He always starts in the lead). The next question is how the current financial market will affect...THE PLEDGE DRIVE!

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