Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Moving Moment

Lord thank You for guiding the hands of that truck driver yesterday. Or maybe You woke him/her from sleep as the rig started across the median. Maybe You steered those 18 wheels safely down the grassy middle, away from those of us in the oncoming lanes. Maybe You kept me from swerving or braking too hard. "Maybe" nothin, it was You. Forgive me for those minutes where I did not think of You. Forgive me for first thinking of myself, my reflexes, my driving experience, my vehicle maintenence. If not for You, none of those would have been.


  1. Yikes!

    Glad you're safe.


  2. Thank you and thank the Lord.

  3. Yes, underground pewster, I thank the Lord for your safety, too! I need you to be around on April 1, 2009 (as you said), and the Lord needs you to keep posting and commenting. So bless the Lord, but---the Lord helping those who help themselves---stay watchful also!