Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Can Someone Please Point These People in the Right Direction

After all the money we spent in renovations to our sanctuary, just imagine what these folks are going to have to do to upgrade their worship space:

From Yahoo News UK/Ireland

"Muslim worshippers at about 200 old mosques in Mecca have been praying in the wrong direction for decades because the mosques were not built correctly, a Saudi newspaper said on Sunday.

Mecca residents and experts have suggested that the errant mosques install inside a correct indicator of the qibla, or orient their prayer rugs more exactly in the direction of the Kaaba, the Saudi Gazette said.

Another suggestion is that laser beams be installed in the tall minarets of the Al-Haram mosque built around the Kaaba to help mosques and worshippers establish the correct qibla direction."

I always wondered how someone in a space craft in low Earth orbit travelling at roughly 27,400 km/h could keep their prayer rug oriented towards the Kaaba. And, since the space person would be experiencing "weightlessness" can they kneel at all? For that matter how would I bow down before the Lord, or fall to me knees to pray?

Laser beams! Brilliant! Just tell it to this little guy who looks like he already knows that direction doesn't matter when it comes to prayer,


  1. I read where the King of Saudi Arabia has a specially designed throne in his personal jet which is always oriented toward Mecca, via some sort of gyroscope mechanism.

    Suffice it to say, "wow."


  2. Now that is cool!

    "This is your king on gyroscopes."

  3. I have a specially designed throne that is always oriented toward the shower. Is that the same thing?