Sunday, December 06, 2009

This Church Has Gone to the Dogs

Originally, I intended to discuss Covenant Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles. where, according to NPR,
"They don't hand out hymnals at this service — with leashes to hold or a dog in your lap, it would be just too much. But the dogs do get biscuits.

And by the time the closing hymn is sung, the pit bull in the second row is curled up next to the schnauzer."

I hope the pit bull is not just trying to keep his next meal warm.

But there were weirder things going on in LALA land this weekend. The Episcopal church, which has been going to the dogs for many years, elected Mary Glasspool+ as bishop suffragan.

If she gets the necessary consents from the other dioceses' bishops and standing committees (DEC for DUSC), she will become the first openly non celibate lesbian bishop, albeit a bishop suffragan.

The question for Upper South Carolina is this, "Which of our nominees would consent to this election?" I think it is pretty clear that Waldo+, Linder+, and Thompson+ would give consent. I suspect that our DEC might not give consent.

The next question is this, "Do we want a bishop who will work with DEC?"

If the answer is "Yes," then we must elect either Williams+, Michell+, or Burwell+.

The Los Angeles election coupled with Louisiana's election yesterday of a revisionist priest for their next bishop are two howling examples of where the Episcopal church is headed.

If anyone can't figure the direction of the church after reading the title of this post and the results of these two elections, I ask them to remember "Slouching Towards Gomorrah" by Robert Bork which is excerpted here (Chapter 11):
"Its [the New Left's] adherents did not go away or change their minds; the New Left shattered into a multitude of single-issue groups. We now have, to name but a few, radical feminists, black extremists, animal rights groups, radical environmentalists, activist homosexual organizations, multiculturalists, and new or freshly radicalized organizations such as People for the American Way, the American Civil Liberties Union, the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL), the National Organization for Women (NOW), and Planned Parenthood.
Each of these pursues a piece of the agenda of the cultural and political Left, but they do not announce publicly an overarching program, as the New Left did, that would enable people to see that the separate groups and causes add up to a general radical philosophy...

Thus, the themes and traits of the New Left have become prominent in today's culture. As will be seen throughout this book, the Sixties generation's fixation on equality has permeated our society and its institutions, much to our disadvantage. Their idea of liberty has now become license in language, popular culture, and sexuality.
The idea that everything is ultimately political has taken hold. We know its current form as "political correctness," a distemper that afflicts the universities in their departments of humanities, social sciences, and law. Works of literature are read for their sub-texts, usually existing only in the mind of the politically correct reader, about the oppression of women, Western imperialism, colonialism, and racism. Political correctness is not confined to the enclaves of the academy. It is now to be found in museums, art galleries, seminaries, foundations-all the institutions relating to opinion and attitude formation.
A corollary to the politicization of the culture is the tactic of assaulting one's opponents as not merely wrong but morally evil. That was, of course, a key stratagem of the New Left, and it remains a crucial weapon in modern liberalism's armory.
The student radicals' habitual lying is easily enough explained. They were antinomians, just as those Christian heretics thought themselves freed by God's grace from any obligation to the moral law, so the student radicals, imbued with the political grace of the Left, were freed of the restraints of law and morality. It could not be immoral to lie in a noble cause. For the same reason, it could not be wrong to break laws or heads.
Modern liberals, being in charge of the institutions they once attacked, have no need to break heads and only an occasional need to break laws. They do, however, have a need to lie, and do so abundantly, since many Americans would not like their actual agenda."

Why slouch with your tails dragging towards Gomorrah when you can strut there with your tails held high?


  1. So, then, how long to you stay "mit-slouching?" When comes the time to say, "Via con Dios" and go your own way?


  2. Anonymous6:00 PM

    Brother, thanks for this post. Its funny to hear commentary from South Carolina about the affairs so close to my heart -- and my livelihood. The Presbyterian Church is right across the street from the Y where my kids take their swim lessons and I see their marquee offering the dog service and their two nights of lectures on gay marriage five times a week. I'm guessing they get about the same number of folks to both events: maybe a dozen, not counting the dogs.

    The election means more to me because I am an Episcopal priest. Some of the comments out there touch on Mary Glasspool's personal qualities, her affability. I can't say I know her, but I got a chance to visit briefly with her and her spouse. Nice people, very nice people. I would be happy to have them as neighbors, friends, or coworkers or supervisors in my secular job; but, I cannot accept her as my bishop.

    I've got only this to say to the rest of you folks in the Episcopal Church: don't think that this is only going to happen in LA or somewhere on the East or West coasts. This insanity is coming your way, too. Its not just the cultural left; this craziness is fomenting everywhere in TEC. Want a sign of it? If your priest is bringing in Borg or Crossan for Bible studies or introducing EOW or Holy Women, Holy Men in your liturgies, then you have seen real signs of what's coming your way. You are more than half way to Unitarianism. (Check out King's Chapel, Boston for old school prayerbook Unitarianism, though they might look theologically conservative to some Episcopalians. At least there they are honest about throwing out the creeds.)
    My advice, fwiw: insulate yourselves from the disease. Give up your private judgment for a time and look to holy tradition predating the break in the church. (after all, the revisionists claim Hooker and Queen Elizabeth. Look where that's got us) Develop fellowship for you and your children with Catholic and Orthodox churches and youth groups; don't think that diocesan programs for youth, including tweens, aren't giving at least equal time to the new Episcopal sexual morality. (or evangelicals for you low church types) Everything the national church sends your way has this end as its goal and every dollar that goes to them aids in making what just happened in LA the new normal.

    Don't let this happen to you and your beloved church or someday you'll be wondering what the hell happened to your church and then following me and others to Rome, Constantinople, Antioch or anywhere thats not TEC. God bless you all.

  3. As the self-proclaimed co-author of D025, Philip Linder+ assured us that the resolution was not the death knell of B033. He either did not tell us the truth or, in the fashion of all eminent politicians, he simply "misspoke."

    You folks in DUSC certainly deserve better.

  4. The people of the Diocese of LALA have chosen to continue on the slippery slope--that was to be expected.

    However, the results in Georgia and Louisiana are inexcusable. The people knew what was on offer and still chose to follow TEC down the road to perdition. May God have mercy on their immortal souls.

  5. Randall,

    Pray for us. I feel a bit like Pliny the Younger documenting the destruction of Pompeii at his point.

  6. Anon,

    I have a long standing issue with Catholic priests stemming from my childhood. Greek Orthodox or Eastern Orthodox I am not as familiar with. I love traditional Anglican worship and music, and I hate to see it be taken over.

    I do need to remember that my wants should be of little to no import in this life and instead focus on Christ's wants.

  7. John,

    Linder+ knew what his work and vote at GC 2009 meant. He lied.

  8. Cato,

    I think Screwtape had the easy job of playing on people's sinful desires and laziness in all of these elections, and the conservatives could not or did not do enough to overcome his advantage. Does Upper SC have the gumption to reject such forces?

  9. So....if Linder+ lied and Waldo+ channels the Artful Dodger, it would seem that the field is rapidly narrowing. Will lay delegates be able to see through the fog being dispensed from several DUSC pulpits this weekend?

  10. @ Anon,

    It's worse than you say: revisionists claim not only Hooker & Elizabeth I, but Jesus & Paul, as well.

    @ UP,

    Eastern Orthodoxy is great -- as long as you have no Reformed leanings.

  11. Anonymous6:12 PM


    Just want to say that you are doing the work that needs to be done to (maybe) avoid what is happening in LA. I hope that the laity in USC are paying attention. God bless you.

    Episcopal priest in LA

  12. Anonymous1:22 PM

    Get out, get out now, the episcopal "cult" is on fire!