Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Christian Pole Dancing?

H/T Liturgical

Full story by Sonja Azad at an ABC affiliate in Houston Tx.

"We found women who said the classes clear their moral compass.

'If someone wants to swing on a pole on Sundays then that's their preference,' class supporter Penny Primeaux said.

And there are those who straddle the subject."


  1. Um, I went away and read the whole New Testament. I don't see nothin' that precludes this, so query: Where can I sign up my wife?


  2. Go back to the O.T. And do a search for the term "sacred poles" to find out how they make God very angry!

  3. Anonymous1:46 AM

    Now now UP, these poor women aren't worshiping the poles, nor do they consider them sacred. They are trying to work out in a graceful,sexy way to Christian music, which will both please Jesus AND their husbands. Do you know there is a whole dieting program based on dieting for Jesus? Again, it doesn't seem to really appeal to the Episcopalian world view. And as an Episcopalian woman, I think I'd rather just cut down on the fried food and do a few situps when those ever threatening five extra lbs. try to take over......

  4. Well thanks for ruining that thought. I must learn to be more comprehensive in my research.