Sunday, March 27, 2011

Help Wanted

In our April Newsletter, our rector announced his retirement effective June 30, 2011.

This, in light of recent vacancies at Good Shepherd in York and St. Matthias in Rock Hill, means that three of four Episcopal churches in York County will be "leaderless," at least as far as dog-collars go.

There will probably be Meribah and Massah (Exodus 17:7) moments as we wander about for the next few months to years.

Join me in praying to our one and only leader, the Lord Jesus Christ, that we might be delivered from the wilderness.


  1. As for the praying, consider it done.

    My church went through the pastor search process three years ago, when our first pastor, a 35 year veteran, elected to retire. I worried that things would slip.

    Fortunately, God sent us a very good interim pastor who continued our growth in saved souls, followed by our current pastor who knocks it out of the park every Sunday, and is leading us into a more outward focused evangelistic mission than we've had.

    I pray God sends you someone like that in these difficult times your denomination is experiencing: a true man (or woman) of God's own heart.


  2. Anonymous12:18 AM

    That's great, Atty R. Even Baptists seem to be having difficulties, in general (and I don't mean General Baptists), with the evangelism thing.
    The Episcopal Church is finally beginning to warm up to the idea of intentional evangelism -- but of course for the wrong reason.
    Here's hoping that out of all the wrong reasons, a fire will be kindled in many for the right reason.

    UP, I join with R. in his prayer. In the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord.