Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Post Thanksgiving Travelling Blues, Or Why I'll Be Home For Christmas

This year we made the trek over the mountain to grandma's house for Thanksgiving. I hate travelling during holidays for the simple reason that everybody else who hates travelling during holidays is... you guessed it,  travelling. This results in lengthy traffic jams packed with  not so cheerful holiday travellers. The combination of loads of vehicles loaded with battling adults and children, or as I witnessed, couples attempting public displays of affection while driving, leads to the inevitable accident.

Due to two separate incidents both of which closed the interstate system completely (in both directions), our usual post Thanksgiving 4.5 hour trip home took a record 7.5 hours this year. I (for one) remained peaceful and calm throughout the time parked on the highway, and I took time to pray for the accident victims, their families, and the brave helicopter pilot who had to land close to a steep downhill grade in order to save the victim in accident #2. I also gave thanks to God for protecting us and for bringing us safely home. The long delay wasn't all that bad; we were even able to stop for dinner at our favorite BBQ place in Gaffney, SC which I would not have done if we had not been so delayed.

Incident 1:                  Note the absence of traffic in the opposite side of the interstate.

Incident 2:                       At the Green River Gorge on I-26.  The sign wasn't kidding.

I have vowed to stay home for Christmas, and next Thanksgiving too.


  1. I'm glad our Thanksgiving trip is only six miles on the back roads. Very stress-free.

    Actually, our best Thanksgiving was the year we left the Saturday before and went to a little fishing village on the Yucatan for a week. Thanksgiving dinner consisted of mahi mahi, fish tacos and shrimp coctail. Perfect!


  2. Eating fish by the sea with the ones you love, now that is something to be thankful for. (John 21:4-14)

  3. We'll be heading through the Green River gorge on our way to see my mom in Jefferson County, TN after Christmas. We traveled on Thanksgiving morning and had no difficulty -- hopefully it will be likewise Christmas week.

  4. Drive carefully Chuck, and may the Lord be with you and yours.

  5. ToilNotSpin4:02 PM

    Thank goodness everyone seems to be home safe from the holidays, at least the Thanksgiving ones. For some reason I too agreed to make a lengthy round trip to relatives to visit...never again! Like UP I will be staying at home this Christmas. And I cast no aspersions on my relatives--it was the roads and the traffic!

    What a lovely inspiration, to connect eating fish by the sea with your loved ones to the Bible; I am a little envious of Randall for having the experience, and of UP for coming up with the Biblical connection.

    A happy Advent to all..

  6. TNS,

    Happy Advent to you too. We have a lot to look forward to!